Your First Visit

1 How do I find the church?
178 Sams Point Road
Beaufort, SC 29907

843-522-1765fellowship roadside closeup 0318

2 Will I meet the minister?
The UUFB minister, Reverend Lori Hlaban, is in the pulpit three Sundays a month. If you particularly want to meet our minister on your first visit, check the Sunday schedule on our home page.

Lori summer1.jpg

3 Where do I park?
Our parking area, a work in progress, provides several choices. As you enter the campus you will first see marked spaces to your right. These marked spaces closest to the driveway entrance are convenient to Fellowship Hall, but a longer walk to the Sanctuary building. There are unmarked spaces in the woods, just past the first few marked spaces, which are a bit closer to the Sanctuary.
Directly in front of the Sanctuary are two spaces reserved for people with disabilities. There are more unmarked spaces behind the Sanctuary, and there are usually several spaces beyond our storage shed for those able to walk a couple hundred feet. Watch out for trees when parking and uneven ground when walking!

4 Should I bring anything with me?
Everything you will need for most services will be provided. On occasion, we have special services when we ask people to bring such things as flowers or special objects, but this is not required. You are welcome to attend these services without bringing anything. If you happen to attend on a day when there is a pot luck meal after service, feel free to attend. There’s always plenty!

5 When should I arrive?
To make sure you get a good parking space, and have time to settle in, we suggest you plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the service. There are greeters at the welcome table in the foyer who can answer questions and help you find a seat.

6 Is the Fellowship building wheelchair accessible?
The Sanctuary is accessible, with the main entrance on ground level and no steps at all. The Fellowship Building is most accessible via the sidewalk from the Sanctuary. All restrooms in the Sanctuary are accessible, while those in the Fellowship Hall are not fully accessible.

7 May our child stay with us during the service?
Yes. Your child may stay with you during the service. Childcare is available for younger children 0-5 years for the entire service. Elementary children attend the first part of the service staying through the Story for All Ages. Then they are invited to attend our Religious Education (Sunday School) classes, which are held during the worship hour, except during the summer months. Teens attend services with parents and have activities at other times.

8 Will I have to stand up and introduce myself?
While we begin our services welcoming our visitors, you are not asked to stand or raise your hand. We would very much appreciate if you would wear a name tag obtained at the visitors’ table, so we can greet you properly before and after the service.

9 What should I wear?
Our congregation is fairly casual in dress, though some enjoy the opportunity to wear their “Sunday Best.” Depending on the season you will find anything from shorts and T-shirts to sweaters and blue jeans to clothing appropriate for a business office. Whatever you wear, you will find enough people dressed as you are to feel comfortable.

10 What will the service be like?
Our services feature readings from many sources and traditions and there will be hymns representing these same traditions. Special musicians occasionally enrich our services with many types of music. Sermons and messages are also quite varied and range from the theological to the personal to the humanistic. An important part of our service is our Story for All Ages – which usually offers another perspective on the theme of the morning. In all our services, there is much good will and good humor as well as serious reflection.  Because of the diversity of our Sunday services, you may wish to attend more than once to get a feel for who we are and what we do.

11 What else happens on Sundays?
We gather in the Fellowship Hall after Sunday service for a social hour of great fellowship.  Beverages and light refreshments are provided by our Hospitality Committee.  We would love for you to stay and join us!

Please check our website calendar for other activities and events that are scheduled.

12 Do I have to join right away to participate in church events?
No. You are invited to participate in the life of the congregation; including Sunday services, activities and events.  You are welcome here!