Worship Committee

“Worship is a public ritual response to that which calls us into being, sustains us as we cannot sustain ourselves, and receives us back when our lives come to an end.”
                                                –Prof. David Bumbaugh, Meadville Lombard Theological School.


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On Sunday mornings at UUFB we strive to be welcoming to all our guests before they even walk through the door by greeting everyone as they enter. We invite everyone to make a name tag so they can greet each other and learn each other’s names. Those who wish to remain anonymous may do so although we encourage building relationships. Each person is a part of the interdependent web of existence, and when we worship we are holding up what is of value and worth to us as a people.

As a non-creedal, covenantal religion we value building healthy and healing relationships with each other, the world, and that which is greater than the sum of us all yet found within each of us. Some names for that greatness are God, Spirit, Love, Gaia, Justice, Spirit of Life and the Holy. Whether you have a name for who or what you worship is secondary to Unitarian Universalists. What’s primary is our journey together to build the Beloved Community while on earth and to help bring justice and peace to all as we journey through life together.

Deena C at podium.jpgOur order of service includes a welcome to all, reading our Mission Statement together, kindling a chalice flame as a symbol of our Unitarian and Universalist heritage, singing, story telling, prayer and meditation, and sharing our joys and sorrows. A message is given from our Minister or a lay speaker. We conclude our services with giving and receiving an offering to further our mission, more singing, and closing words. Framing Sunday morning worship are Gathering In songs and Sending Forth songs, sung by the congregation.

We are proud of our status as a Welcoming Congregation! All are welcome to worship with us, no matter whom you love, the color of your skin, or your religious, philosophical or political beliefs. Come join us on Sunday morning.

Other days of the week we offer opportunities for people to practice their personal spirituality in a variety of spiritual affinity groups. There is Buddhist meditation group which meets on Monday evenings at One Yoga studio. The Christian Affinity Group offers programs such as book discussions or hymn sings at various times during the year. The Ancient Sea Island Continuum (ASIC) offers classes rituals throughout the year for those who are earth centered in their spiritual practice.

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Come join us for worship, as we “gather in hope, compassion and strength” to celebrate this wonderful gift of life.