Worship Committee

The Reverend Mark Belletini, minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Columbus, OH, has written an all inclusive piece about Worship in Unitarian Universalist Congregations. You can click here to read a brief description of the kinds of worship one might experience in Unitarian Universalist churches on a Sunday morning.
At UU Beaufort on Sunday mornings we strive to be welcoming to all our guests before they even walk through the door by greeting everyone as they enter. We make sure everyone has a name tag so they can greet each other and learn each others names. Those who wish to remain anonymous may do so although we encourage building relationships in preparation for worship. After all, each person is a part of the interdependent web of existence, and when we enter into worship we are holding up what is of value and worthy to us as a people. Whereas most creedal churches worship God or Jesus, as a covenantal religion we worship building healthy and healing relationships with each other, the world, and that which is greater than the sum of us all yet found within each of us. Some names for that greatness are God, Spirit, Love, Gaia, Justice, Spirit of Life and the Holy. Whether you have a name for who or what you worship is secondary to Unitarian Universalists. What’s primary is our journey together to build the Beloved Community while on earth and to help bring justice and peace as we journey through life together.
Our order of service includes elements for welcoming guests and visitors, reading our Mission Statement together, kindling a chalice flame as a symbol of our Unitarian and Universalist heritage, singing, story telling, prayer and meditation, sharing our joys and sorrows, and lighting a peace candle in memory of those who have died in war or conflict. A message is given from our Minister or a lay speaker standing in a free pulpit. We conclude our services with giving and receiving an offering to further the mission of the church, more singing, and closing words. The book ends for Sunday morning worship is a prelude and postlude provided by musicians and whereby we appreciate their gift of music by listening together in silence.
All are welcome to worship with us, no matter who you love, the color of your skin, or your religious, philosophical or political beliefs. Come join us on Sunday morning.
Other days of the week we offer opportunities for people to practice their personal spirituality in a variety of spiritual affinity groups. There is Buddhist mediation on Sunday afternoons, Christian study and discussion once a month, and rituals during the turning of the earth for those who are earth centered in their spiritual practice.
While worship is a word many people misunderstand, in it’s truest sense it can be a time when any group gathers and practices Beloved Community.