To Be Continued: February 2019

February 7

Have you ever had just the right person, just the right job, or just the right words come to you at just the right time? This experience of synchronicity, when things just seem to come together and “click” has only happened in a major way to me a few times in my life. This “click” doesn’t need to be big, though. Sometimes a small flutter of synchronicity will do.

In our small ministry group, we choose practices and questions each month to work with, then share our experiences with one another. Last month, for a spiritual practice we were encouraged to choose a word for 2019 and explore its possibilities. I chose the word “joy,” and shared with the group that I wasn’t sure it was going to work out for me. Now, I’m seeing the word – and feeling the flutter of the emotion – everywhere.

Today I opened the Soul Matters packet on Trust and found this quote from Amy Loyd: “Today I want to greet joy without a trace of suspicion.” I’ve looked at this page before, and not noticed the word joy. Hmmm… There may be a lesson there, there may not. Still, I’m going to keep looking for joy and practicing trust. I figure it’s better than looking for depression and practicing distrust.

Whatever you do, whatever your circumstances, may you find and experience some measure of joy!

In faith,
Rev. Lori Hlaban