Welcome to our Stewardship page!


fuel our flame


Thanks to everyone who has turned in their stewardship form for 2018.
Your financial commitment to this fellowship is very much appreciated.

If you have not submitted your form yet, it is not too late.
Please turn in your stewardship form to the office. 
For UUFB to grow and continue its
mission, we need your time, talent, and treasure.

No matter the size of the pledge amount, all are welcome.  Every penny counts and is greatly appreciated to help with the support of our fellowship.

 Stewardship is the heart of our congregation.
 It is our dedicated members’ generosity with their
talents, skills, time, and financial support.
All are necessary to sustain our fellowship.

You may email with stewardship questions.

If you need a stewardship form, please click here to print one.

Thank you for your time – talent – treasure!