Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee encourages members and friends to make a commitment to this congregation.  This is through their time, talent and treasure, the three parts of stewardship.  The main focus is financial commitment through pledging a contribution total for the next budget year, marketed through a campaign in the fall.  

The committee members duties include:

Designing materials used in the packets given to members and friends during the campaign, such as a brochure, pledge form, letter, etc.

Developing marketing strategy for getting out general stewardship and campaign information (utilizing newsletter, website, email, etc.)

Planning activities to promote the campaign such as brunch on campaign kickoff Sunday and slide show of past year’s activities

Answering questions from members and friends regarding pledging

Participating by sharing any suggestions, ideas and such to make the campaign successful and increase pledges for the next fiscal year.

If you believe this committee is of interest to you, please contact the administrator.