Dear Ones, New Year – new intentions, and I hope some of you have an intention to get more involved or try something new here. You may have noticed a few more people getting involved in our worship services lately! I’m thrilled to have newer faces – and newer voices – before the congregation, lighting […]

February Theme: Resilience February 2 – Spark of the Universe – Rev. Lori February 9 – Amazing Grace – David Hudson February 16 – From Love to Beloved Community – Rev. Lori February 23 – Oh, Freedom – Rev. Lori

Dear Ones, Several years ago, a major news network broadcast what they claimed was footage of a violent protest rally in Madison, Wisconsin. The dead giveaway that it was fake was that there were palm trees visible in the background. Recognizing fake news – and fake photos – is getting harder, but we can do […]

Dear Ones, I hope you’ve all had good, meaningful time with friends and loved ones over the holidays! Here we are in the early days of 2020, and the world is as confusing as ever. As we move into this new year, we know there will be a lot – A LOT – of political […]

January Theme: Integrity January 5 – When Nobody’s Watching – Kathy Folsom & Ben Sellers January 12 – Integrity in Action: Waitstill & Martha Sharp – Rev. Lori January 19 – A Call To Integrity – Rev. Lori

Dear Ones, ‘Tis the day after Christmas. Time to take stock of the year past, and look forward to the New Year. Many of us may still be hosting – or visiting – friends and family from afar. Some of us may be getting ready to take a break, a post-holiday vacation, to recharge our […]

Dear Ones, Trying to do everything can be exhausting in many ways. As we move through this busy holiday season, I encourage all of you to take some time to slow down, rest, and restore your spirit. This time of year is a time of holy darkness, a time when many plants and animals go […]

Dear Ones, In the midst of the holiday festivities, I’ve been hearing a lot about the new movie about Fred Rogers – Mister Rogers of PBS children’s television. I’ve yet to find a person who had a bad thing to say about the movie – or about Mister Rogers. He was one of those rare […]

Dear Ones, The winter holidays are coming! Advent! Hanukkah! Yule! Christmas! Kwanzaa! Watch Night! If you were at the service this past Sunday, you probably saw the Advent candles on our centering table. The practice of lighting Advent candles varies, though most light three purple candles, representing hope, love, and peace; and one pink candle […]

Dear Ones, As many of us gather with family and friends to give thanks, I want to say thank you to YOU, the congregation members of UUFB! Thank you for being a beacon of liberal religion here in the Lowcountry. You are needed, and you make a difference. Thank you for working in so many […]