Dear Ones, “Wash, wash, wherever you are, Wanderers, worshippers, lovers of cleaning, Rinsing the germs off is easy to do, Wash, yet again, wash…” (sung to the tune of Come, Come, Whoever You Are, lyric modification by Julia Hamilton) If you were in attendance at last Sunday’s service, you practiced this little song! If you […]

Dear Ones, I know it seems like the month of February has lasted about a year. At least, it always seems so to me. Back in Wisconsin, it always seemed like the heaviest snows and grayest days were reserved for this month. Here in South Carolina, we’re having a lot of rain, and the days […]

  March Theme: Wisdom March 1 – Proverbs & Parables – Rev. Lori  March 8 – Liberating Cinderella – Rev. Lori March 15 – Lessons from the Wilderness – Worship Team March 22 – Wisdom from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe – Rev. Lori March 29 – Wisdom of/for Women – Rev. Lori

Dear Ones, “Who is Josiah Royce?” Following last Sunday’s service, where we explored the idea of Beloved Community, I was asked why I hadn’t said more about this American philosopher. The short answer is time. I wanted to talk more about the concepts of community and Beloved Community than about Royce. However, I’m happy to […]

Dear Ones, ‘Tis the day before Valentine’s Day, and the florists are super busy. So are retail card shops, and some restaurants are already turning away requests for reservations. (And parents are no doubt purchasing boxes of character-themed cards for their children to exchange at school.) There’s a lot of money to be made on […]

Dear Ones, We began receiving thematic resources for worship, religious education, and small group ministry from Soul Matters Sharing Circle in the fall of 2016. Someone asked me if this means we get “canned” sermons or services – in others words, sermons or services wholly constructed by some person or committee unconnected to UUFB. The […]

Dear Ones, As we finish out the month of January, I want to again thank all the great volunteers who do good work throughout the year for UUFB. If I start naming names, I’m sure to inadvertently forget someone. In truth, everyone does something that contributes to this joyful sanctuary, if only by offering their […]

Dear Ones, New Year – new intentions, and I hope some of you have an intention to get more involved or try something new here. You may have noticed a few more people getting involved in our worship services lately! I’m thrilled to have newer faces – and newer voices – before the congregation, lighting […]

February Theme: Resilience February 2 – Spark of the Universe – Rev. Lori February 9 – Amazing Grace – David Hudson February 16 – From Love to Beloved Community – Rev. Lori February 23 – Oh, Freedom – Rev. Lori

Dear Ones, Several years ago, a major news network broadcast what they claimed was footage of a violent protest rally in Madison, Wisconsin. The dead giveaway that it was fake was that there were palm trees visible in the background. Recognizing fake news – and fake photos – is getting harder, but we can do […]