Dear Ones, Fall is truly here – and it feels so good! There are so many things going on this fall! Please be sure to read the whole Headline News, so you don’t miss anything! If you’re a member or pledging friend, you should have received your pledge packet by now. After attending one of the online […]

Dear Ones, Each Sunday those members and friends of UUFB who attend worship are invited to affirm our mission statement by speaking the words aloud. Here is that statement: “Our mission is to create a joyful sanctuary for spiritual and intellectual growth, embracing all souls in a nurturing community from which we go forth as […]

October Theme: And Yet… October 3 – Paging Captain America – Rev. Lori October 10 – Save the Child? (Untold Stories) – Rev. Lori October 17 – Leap of… – Rev. Lori October 24 – TBA – Worship Team October 31 – Beyond the Veil – Rev. Lori  

The board is back in action and working on fulfilling its 2021 goals. Things to look forward to include a program council meeting (maybe a potluck??), the creation of a Committee on Shared Ministry and more work towards a strategic plan. We are working to come up with the best solution regarding hybrid (virtual/in person) […]

Dear Ones, As we move into autumn it kind of feels like I’m being bombarded with ads featuring “pumpkin spice” everything. Pumpkin spice coffee. Pumpkin spice candies. Pumpkin spice scented candles. Pumpkin spice scented soaps and lotions. Pumpkin spice is everywhere! I have a confession. I don’t like pumpkin. The obsession with pumpkin spice drives […]

Dear Ones, Autumn is the beginning of the program year for our Fellowship. We hold an ingathering service that features a water communion early in September. While it was online, we did do that two weeks ago. Soon after ingathering, we begin our annual Stewardship campaign, and hold an annual service auction. The UUFB Board […]

Dear Ones, I can tell the season is really changing.  The temperature is coming down. Our air conditioner is running less. When I wake up in the morning it’s still dark. I haven’t yet noticed the sun setting earlier, but I know that will come. I’m grateful for it all. Next week is the Fall […]

Dear Ones, For those of you who were attending this past Sunday’s service and experienced the sudden drop in my feed, we think we figured out the issue. Apparently Microsoft picked that time to perform updates. Fortunately, I was able to finish the service using another device.  This coming Sunday will be our annual water […]

Dear Ones, As we move into September the days are noticeably growing shorter. Later this month we will mark the autumn equinox, the midpoint between the longest and shortest days of the year.  Equinoxes – autumn and spring – always make me think of balance, of getting things just right somehow. They remind me that, […]

September Theme: Gratitude September 5 – Union Made – Rev. Lori September 12 – Down to the River – Rev. Lori September 19 – Grateful Spirit – Rev. Lori September 26 – TBA – Worship Team