Membership Committee

The Membership Committee promotes the growth and well-being of UUFB by educating and embracing members, friends, guests and the greater community.

Presently, 100 members and 43 friends support our Fellowship. Living in a community with a high transient population (military and snowbirds!) has not kept us from growing. In fact, within the last 2 years we have expanded our family by about 25%.

This committee conducts a wide range of activities to uphold its mission including welcoming, education, and social activities.

  • Each Sunday members of this committee greet and welcome an average of 60 members and guests through our fellowship doors.
  • Throughout the year, the group collaborates with the Minister to conduct our Connections Class. Each class provides information on both Unitarianism and our Fellowship and is geared toward prospective members but all are welcome to attend. In addition, the committee conducts a class for Greeters (for both committee and non-committee members and friends) to expand our welcome at services.
  • New Member Sundays are held to celebrate the newest members of our congregation.
  • Monthly brunches for members and visitors are scheduled at various locations to promote fellowship and further our connection to the broader community.
  • New Member Dinners coordinated by Membership in conjunction with the Board are fun, and enhance our commitment to not only new members but to all who attend.

All events and activities serve as opportunities to build our community spiritually and physically and are open to all.

If you have been attending worship services at UUFB for a while and feel a commitment to our community, if you are ready to give of your Time, Treasure and Talent and to receive the Time, Treasure and Talent of others, if you are in agreement with our Covenant, you are welcome to become a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Beaufort. Contact us at to find out how.