Long Range Plan

UUFB Long Range Plan Process

At the recent all-day Long Range Planning Workshop our Board learned all about the dreams our founders and early membership had for our Fellowship and its presence in our community.  A review of the vision created in 2002, and the goals for the 2008-2012 long range plan, really made us want to stand up and applaud. So many of those dreams have come to fruition and we are once again, on the cusp of dreaming big and dreaming deep.

Long range planning is all about who WE are, who WE want to be, and OUR vision for us and the greater community.  So who is this anonymous WE?  I will tell you who it is not: it is not the Board; it is not the Minister; it is not the Interim Minister.  It is each and every one of us, taking advantage of each other’s wisdom.  How privileged we are to have our directives flow from the bottom up instead of from the top down.  Let’s dream our future.

The Board has created a vision, mission and goals for the PROCESS.  The PLAN is up to all of us.  So the first thing we need to know is, “Do WE want a new vision and goals for the future?”  Can WE get an, “Aye, and Amen?”  Let your Board know and will we help get the PROCESS going.  Then tell us how you want to help.  Thank you.

Vision for the LRP Process: “20/20 Vision” (A clear vision through the year 2020.)
Mission for the LRP Process: Engage the congregation and the greater community in a plan to guide our future.  (Elicit knowledge and perceptions about UUFB to create awareness.)

  • Congregational Buy-In (First in the Process and Last in the Culmination of All We Do – the Result / Plan)
  • Inclusive Process
  • Recruiting and Training Leaders / Facilitators
  • Multiple Opportunities to Participate
  • Celebrate Successes
  • Communicate All Along
  • Generate a “Needs” and “Wants” Assessment
  • Track Progress

Roles Needed for the LRP Process:

  • Overall Steering Committee
  • Researchers for UU Resources – What’s Already Out There?
  • Survey Question Developers
  • Trained Small Group Facilitators
  • Data Gatherers
  • Party People
  • Public Relations Team                                                          

Goals and Strategies for the LRP Process:

  • Congregational Buy-In (First in the Process and Last in the Culmination of All We Do – the Result / Plan):
    • Why a Long Range Planning Process? (Tool to Establish a Plan Representing the Membership)
    • What is Interim Ministry? (Jim Miller will convene IMTF; Nick Hunt will be Board Liaison; Suzanne Larson will assist with PR)
    • What is Settled Ministry?
    • Stewardship – (Budget, Building, Backup)
    • Realities of Human and Other Resources Needed to Create a Long Range Plan
    • State of Our Facilities Including Accessibility and Parking
    • Youth and Adult Religious Education
    • SEJ Projects – 5 Ways (What does it mean? Bears repetition) – Also, “from which we go forth…”
  • Recognize that One-On-One Happens
  • Try to Guide the One-On-One Message (What Will You Do?)
  • Develop Talking Points
  • Strive for Consensus
  • Inclusive Process:
    • Many Avenues for the Involvement of As Many of Our Members and Friends As Possible
      • Survey to Elicit Why Friends Have Chosen Not to Become Members
    • Survey Monkey Surveys to Elicit the Perceptions of Our Greater Community Partners
    • Be Mindful of Dovetailing with the New Interim Minister
    • Shadow New Members Along the Way
  • Recruiting and Training Leaders / Facilitators (Dianne Farrelly will assist with others)
  • Multiple Opportunities to Participate:
    • A Kick-Off
    • History Gleaning Session
    • Rewrite and Update the History as a Healing Process
    • Fun Socials, Food, Excitement, Promote Community
    • Porch Talks
    • Neighborhood Groups to Include Members and Friends
    • Small Groups that Change Up the Participants for Cross-Pollination of Ideas / Views
  • Celebrate Successes:
    • Remind Ourselves How Long We Have Been Here – Meeting in the Barn, Meeting at the Y
    • Highlight the Successes of the 2008-2012 Long Range Plan
    • Publish the Successes
    • Breakthrough Congregation Video
    • Create and Post a Photo Timeline of UUFB’s History