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Musicians Needed For Coffee House!
On Sunday, October 21 after the service, during coffee hour, the UUFB Membership Committee will debut The Coffee House. This activity has been successful in the UU Congregation in Baptistown, New Jersey. (Read all about it in the summer issue of UU World).

The Membership Committee will, on occasion, provide an engaging activity at coffee hour. It may be music, visual art, board games, an interesting speaker.  You name it! To start off, on October 21 we will have a casual musical experience at the congregation’s usual coffee hour.  Would you like to bring an instrument and play with others?  Would you like to lead a song and have others play along? If so, please contact Barbara James and join the fun.



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(Left to right: J.W. Eads, Jinny Eads, Tom Hlaban, Kate Hudson, Dave Hudson, Delilah Mendes, Char Lane, Rev Lori Hlaban, Ellen Kelley, and Debbie Palmer)

Welcome new members!

On October 7, we had a ceremony for eight new members who have joined our congregation.  Please make sure to welcome them and show them some wonderful southern hospitality!



Kate Schaefer Coastal Conserv 101418

Kate Schaefer of Coastal Conservation League speaks to

the congregation…..

We were honored to have Kate be our guest speaker for the October 14 service.  She gave us a wealth of information about the great projects that the Coastal Conservation League is involved in.

Thanks to Kate for sharing with us.





Treasure Chest2018 UUFB Auction

 November 3, 2018

 “Share the Treasure and the Pleasure”

 of Your Company

You are invited to participate in the annual UUFB Auction in one or more of many ways 1) as an attendee 2) as a donor 3) as a bidder 4) as an underwriter 5) as a solicitor of gifts and donations 6) food provider / donator 7) as a catalyst to bring your friends 7) and as a volunteer of your time.

We will be having a Silent Auction with “bits and bytes” and drinks followed by the Live Auction with our favorite auctioneer Tony Barbagallo who always fosters a lively and fun filled night.

Key to the success of this event are DONATIONS.  So please if you have donated in the past please consider doing so again or submitting your new idea for a donation, looking in your house for something that others would love to have or asking your friends or business you frequent to consider a donation.

You can submit your donation in one of two ways.

  1. Electronic Submission – use the Button below labeled “Submit Donation” and complete the form.
  2. Use the paper “2018 UUFB “Share the Treasure and the Pleasure” Auction Donation Submission Form” in the Fellowship Hall on the credenza below the mirror. Completed donation forms should be left in FH in the gray file on the office pass thru labeled “Auction Donations” in orange.

2018 Donation Form

If you have questions please contact Virginia Eads.


Save The Date!
 Sunday – Nov. 11, 2018
After the Sunday Service

The Healthy Congregation Team will host a “physical” for the Fellowship, followed by an old-fashioned picnic lunch. Using a World Café style model, attendees will be asked to offer feedback on (1) what is going well; (2) what is okay, but could be improved; and, (3) what may not be going well, and needs attention. After cycling through the three questions, all are invited to enjoy food and fellowship!

Please bring your thoughtful ideas and a dish to share for the picnic!