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To Be Continued: Change

With the new year often come changes and resolutions. Your UUFB Board has two new at large members: David Grim and Jim Miller; and a new President-Elect: Carole Gunter. Our congregation has a relatively new member: Peter Kandis (who recently led an online worship service). The Board is also recruiting people to work on strategic planning […]

To Be Continued: New Year and Omicron

Happy New Year, Friends! It’s a new year – yet much remains the same. Our country is in the throes of a new COVID surge, driven by the new Omicron variant of the disease. As I write this, Beaufort County has hit a new peak number of COVID cases. This new variant is even more […]

To Be Continued: Christmas Homily

Last year I posted a little Christmas homily on my Facebook page. I thought it would be nice to share it here. I’ve lightly edited it, but the message remains the same.  It was Christmas, 2020 during COVID, and I was thinking about miracles. The story goes that a baby born over 2,000 years ago […]

To Be Continued: Thank you

Dear Ones, Thank you. Thank you for all the understanding and compassion you’ve sent in your kind emails and lovely cards, following the death of our son, Toby Jace (TJ) Hlaban, on Dec. 4th. Your caring touches Tom and I deeply, and we’re grateful to be part of this congregation. TJ’s memorial service will be […]

To Be Continued: The Holidays are Here

Dear Ones, Here we go, hurtling headfirst into the holiday season! Hannukah began this past Sunday evening for our Jewish members, friends, and neighbors. We’re in the middle of our Annual Auction, online again this year. The Winter Solstice – or Yule – will be upon us soon (Dec. 21, 2021). Then Christmas Eve, Christmas, […]

To Be Continued: Giving Thanks

Dear Ones, As our COVID numbers are relatively low at the moment, it seems that this year more of us will be either welcoming others into our homes – or traveling to be with others for the holidays. This week, as many of us gather with family and friends to give thanks, I want to […]

To Be Continued: Sacred Spaces

Dear Ones, Last Sunday’s opening hymn, “Where is Our Holy Church?,” reminded me of a discussion I had recently with some clergy colleagues here in Beaufort. I’ve told you about our Heretics group, and our monthly meetings. Those meetings are important for all of us, and our conversation on any given day could be serious […]

To Be Continued: Away This Week

Dear Ones, Various things this week… I’m away this week for the Southeast UU Ministers Association retreat, up at The Mountain. The last time I was up at The Mountain was March, 2020, right before we closed because of the pandemic. There have been two other retreats since then, one all virtual and one multi-platform. This […]

To Be Continued: “Heresy”

Dear Ones, Some of you may know that I meet regularly with a group of liberal clergy here in Beaufort. I’m not sure when the group began, it existed when I arrived, and I know Rev. Kevin Tarsa also participated in the group. We’re called “the heretics.” I remember leading a “new to UU” class at another […]

To Be Continued: Samhain

Dear Ones, This morning I read an article about the hottest Halloween decoration trend: giant skeletons. Apparently 12-foot tall skeletons are very popular, and have been since last year. This year these skeletons have been joined by another version called the “Inferno,” which has a pumpkin head and fake sinew on its limbs. Spooky! Each […]