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To Be Continued: Ukraine

Dear Ones, This past Sunday we were thrilled to be in person AND on Zoom, simultaneously! The Technology Task Force worked – and continues to work – very hard to make this happen. They are: Nick (our Administrator), Jeanine, JW, Jinny, and Carole. Thank You! Much of the conversation before and after the service involved Ukraine, […]

To Be Continued: Together Again

Dear Ones, Remember where we all were two years ago? March of 2020 began relatively mildly. People were just beginning to hear about a new virus called COVID-19, a novel coronavirus. Beaufort had seen only a few cases so far, but was just beginning to report deaths from COVID-19, when UUFB suspended all in-person worship […]

To Be Continued: Changes

Dear Ones, We are almost two years into this global pandemic, and I’m thinking today of how many changes we’ve been through in a relatively short period of time. The big change for UUFB, of course, was moving worship and other group meetings to Zoom. That’s been true for most UU congregations – as well […]

To Be Continued: The Longest Month

Dear Ones, February has always seemed like the longest month to me. We’re past the major winter holidays and spring holidays still seem a long way away. The weather is mostly mild, though there are some chilly days and cold nights here in South Carolina. In this congregation most of our major events happen in […]

To Be Continued: While I’m Gone

Dear Ones, In last week’s newsletter I wrote about my upcoming sabbatical. This week I want to let you all know that there are plans in place to manage my absence, particularly in two major areas. The Fabulous Worship Team™ is busy working on worship services for everyone. Several dates are already booked with familiar […]

To Be Continued: Upcoming Sabbatical

Dear Ones, Some folks already know, and it’s time to share with the whole Fellowship, that I will be going on sabbatical leave beginning in April. What is a sabbatical, you might ask. Sabbatical leave is traditional for Unitarian Universalist clergy and is part of the Letter of Agreement (covenant) between the Minister and Congregation. […]

To Be Continued: Thich Nhat Hanh

As mentioned this past Sunday, the venerable Thich Nhat Hanh (known as “Thay” – teacher – by many) died on Saturday, Jan. 22, at the age of 95. Exiled from Vietnam in the 1960’s, Thay settled in France. There he established the Plum Village monastery, and continued his practice and his work. Over time ten […]

To Be Continued: Change

With the new year often come changes and resolutions. Your UUFB Board has two new at large members: David Grim and Jim Miller; and a new President-Elect: Carole Gunter. Our congregation has a relatively new member: Peter Kandis (who recently led an online worship service). The Board is also recruiting people to work on strategic planning […]

To Be Continued: New Year and Omicron

Happy New Year, Friends! It’s a new year – yet much remains the same. Our country is in the throes of a new COVID surge, driven by the new Omicron variant of the disease. As I write this, Beaufort County has hit a new peak number of COVID cases. This new variant is even more […]

To Be Continued: Christmas Homily

Last year I posted a little Christmas homily on my Facebook page. I thought it would be nice to share it here. I’ve lightly edited it, but the message remains the same.  It was Christmas, 2020 during COVID, and I was thinking about miracles. The story goes that a baby born over 2,000 years ago […]