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To Be Continued: Breathe

Dear Ones, “When I breathe in, I breathe in peace; When I breathe out, I breathe out love.” We know these as words of “Meditation on Breathing,” song #1009 in our teal hymnal supplement. They are the chorus to a larger piece, titled “When I Breathe In,” (© Sarah Dan Jones, 2001) written in the […]

To Be Continued: Passwords Required

Dear Ones, I’m incredibly impressed with how most of our members and friends have embraced our new way of being together online, via Zoom! It is a balm for my spirit, and I know for many of yours, to see one another’s faces and hear each other’s voices on Sundays during online worship. It’s also […]

To Be Continued: I’m Grateful

Dear Ones, Back in Milwaukee our UU colleagues group met every month. With nine congregations, some having more than one minister, and several community ministers, we had a relatively large group. One colleague I remember particularly was a community minister, working for the UUA (at the time) and with a private therapy practice. What I […]

To Be Continued: Congregations and Copyright

Dear Ones, I was delighted to share the UUFB Flower Communion video with the congregation last Sunday! The video was created using photos sent in by UUFB members and friends, and a beautiful meditation written by The Rev. David Bumbaugh. Since we’ve ventured into online worship in a big way – and not just us, but virtually […]

To Be Continued: Help Trying Zoom!

Dear Ones, Have you been hesitant to try Zoom? Are you unsure whether your computer, laptop, or other device can get you connected on that platform? If so, PLEASE reach out to me! I’m happy to walk you through how to get connected. I know that many have been happy to connect with others during […]

To Be Continued: Flower Photo Deadline

Dear Ones, I am loving the photos members and friends are sending in of themselves and of flowers! See the separate article in this Headline News for more information. The deadline to send in photos is this Sunday, May 3, 2020. We are still holding Zoom midweek check ins! Beginning this Friday, May 1st, the […]

To Be Continued: Flowers, Check-ins, and Readings

Dear Ones, Last week I asked people for photos of flowers, for a special slide show for the flower communion. I’ve received a number of photos, and thank you to all who’ve sent some in! And, there’s still room for more! So, if you haven’t yet sent in a photo (or several) of flowers, please […]

To Be Continued: Virtual Potluck

Dear Ones, It was so great to see people in their fancy hats last Sunday for Easter! Even if we can’t be together in person, we can still have fun together! Last week I asked if anyone had any ideas for more ways we can stay connected while practicing social distancing. Via Zoom: committees are […]

To Be Continued: Coping With Being On Edge

Dear Ones, How are you feeling? A little on edge? A little weepy? A little angry? Preparing for the worst case scenario? You may be experiencing a bit of anticipatory grief. This is a “sense of fearful anticipation” for what is yet to come, as we live through this global pandemic together. You are NOT […]

To Be Continued: Staying Connected

Dear Ones, It is so good to be able to maintain our connections during this time. While Zoom worship and committee meetings seemed foreign to many of us a few weeks ago, many have taken the leap of faith to stay connected via technology. In addition to leading worship with Chris from our homes, and […]