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To Be Continued: Vote!

Dear Ones, I love this congregation, and I love how so many of us are engaged in some form of social justice or political action. The best form of action right now is to VOTE. Vote absentee by mail with a mail in ballot. Vote absentee in person at the Beaufort County Board of Elections. […]

To Be Continued: Deep Listening

Dear Ones, It’s October! I’m still not accustomed to autumn without leaves changing color and dropping from trees, or predictions of the date of the first snowfall. The temperatures are starting to drop, just a little bit. Soon we’ll be pulling jackets and coats out of the back of our closets. With a new month, […]

To Be Continued: Get Out And Move

Dear Ones, In a recent column I asked how you all are coping with the continued restrictions on activities due to the global pandemic. I thought I’d share a few of our strategies, and hope you’ll share some of yours. One of our favorite things is to get out and move! Tom and I have […]

To Be Continued: Services on YouTube!

Dear Ones, In the midst of a pandemic, our program year has begun. We celebrated the annual Ingathering/Water service last Sunday, with a special video montage including photos and words from members and friends about water. We crossed another threshold with this service, too! That Ingathering service, along with three others from the past several […]

To Be Continued: Keeping Busy

Dear Ones, I recently saw a meme on Facebook that read: “Dear Mom, Is that offer to slap me into next year still available?” This year has been difficult. When we made the decision to suspend all in-person worship services and meetings back in March, I thought the Centers for Disease Control would work hard […]

To Be Continued: Beloved Conversations

Dear Ones, The Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt, professor at Starr King School for Ministry and formerly one of the three co-Presidents of the Unitarian Universalist Association, frequently facilitates workshops and presentations. She nearly always begins by addressing the attendees as “Beloveds.” Beloveds. Several years ago, before this congregation called me to be its settled minister, […]

To Be Continued: Walk For Water!

Dear Ones, For the past few years, we’ve been sponsors for the Beaufort Walk for Water. This year we are sponsoring again, but there’s a twist. We will NOT be gathering at the park in Port Royal on Saturday, September 26th to walk, en masse, through the streets to the river and back carrying buckets. […]

To Be Continued: “The Real Rules”

Dear Ones, Maybe you’ve noticed that November, and a national election, are right around the corner. I have never been in a Unitarian Universalist congregation where members were not politically involved. I’ve also never been in a Unitarian Universalist congregation where members all held the same political views. The fact that we’re not all alike, […]

To Be Continued: Maintaining Connections

Dear Ones, It was so good to be back in the virtual pulpit last week! Can you believe we’ve been holding worship services and committee meetings for nearly five months? This has become the new normal for most, if not all, Unitarian Universalist congregations. As I’ve mentioned to many, the UUA has recommended that we […]

To Be Continued: Back From Study Leave

Dear Ones, I have returned! Well, I never really left Beaufort in July… but I traveled in my mind! I am happy to be back, and grateful to have had a month to relax a bit, read a lot, think, and do some planning for the 2020-2021 program year. I hope you have also been […]