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To Be Continued: Labor Day Approaches

Dear Ones, With this coming Monday, summer is “over.” Labor Day is the traditional end to summer, though children now return to school well before the beginning of September in most places. The beginning of September still brings a sense of expectation to my soul. As a child, I reveled in new crayons, new pencils, […]

To Be Continued: Covenant Service Follow-Up

Dear Ones, I want to thank everyone who was present at the service this past Sunday (Aug. 11th) for their wonderful discussions of questions about our UUFB covenant, and their comments afterward! One comment I wanted to highlight was that some of it boils down to “don’t gossip.” It seems simplistic, and yet, that’s exactly […]

To Be Continued: Coming In September

Dear Ones, As our summer moves toward its end, I want to highlight a couple things coming up in September. The theme for September is “Expectation,” and I’m brimming with anticipation already. On September 8th we will celebrate our annual Water Service. If you have water to share from summer adventures, great! If you have […]

To Be Continued: Third Anniversary

Dear Ones, Can you believe it’s August already? Before you know it, our sun bird members who fly away to the (usually) cooler north will be coming back. Before you know it, we will be celebrating our Ingathering Water Service on September 8th. You’re invited, as always, to bring a small amount of water from […]

To Be Continued: SUUSI

Dear Ones, I have just returned from attending SUUSI – Southeast UU Summer Institute – in Cullowhee, NC. Over 1,000 Unitarian Universalists from all over the country – as well as a handful from Canada and the UK – were there for a week of living in intentional community with other UUs.

To Be Continued: After General Assembly

Dear Ones, In our service this past Sunday I mentioned the conversations that were held at General Assembly, and how delegates were asked to bring them back to their congregations for consideration and further conversation. Here are those questions – and I note that one of the questions I didn’t attempt to answer in the […]

To Be Continued: General Assembly

Dear Ones, As I write this, I’m preparing to attend our Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual General Assembly (G.A.) in Spokane, Washington. It’s always exciting to be in the company of thousands – yes, thousands – of Unitarian Universalists! There will be inspiring worship services, thoughtful presentations, meaningful workshops, and interesting business meetings. The theme this […]

To Be Continued: Heat and Stress

Dear Ones, June is here, along with record-setting high temperatures and a lot of violent weather in the Midwest and plains region of our country. The weather, the heat, distress over events in the news… it all adds up to rising anxiety. Anxiety in our personal lives, in our country, and in our congregation. Such […]

To Be Continued: White Shoes

Dear Ones, I was recently in a discussion where someone asked if we still needed to observe the custom of no white shoes before Memorial Day. The only time I ever heard of this was in novels, and wasn’t truly aware that this was something that real people observed. I wonder where that custom originated? […]

To Be Continued: Scary Stories

Dear Ones, This past Sunday our story for all ages was Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews. This book, a former Reading Rainbow selection, features a young Inuit girl living on Ungava Bay in northern Canada. The action centers around her going under the ice of the frozen bay while the tide is out, in order […]