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To Be Continued: White Shoes

Dear Ones, I was recently in a discussion where someone asked if we still needed to observe the custom of no white shoes before Memorial Day. The only time I ever heard of this was in novels, and wasn’t truly aware that this was something that real people observed. I wonder where that custom originated? […]

To Be Continued: Scary Stories

Dear Ones, This past Sunday our story for all ages was Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews. This book, a former Reading Rainbow selection, features a young Inuit girl living on Ungava Bay in northern Canada. The action centers around her going under the ice of the frozen bay while the tide is out, in order […]

To Be Continued: Wonder

Dear Ones, “A Sense of Wonder” is the title of a painting Tom and I got in an auction at a science fiction convention many years ago. It’s whimsical, with a cat tumbling upside down, interacting with a tiny figure sitting on a flower. You can only see the figure from the back – so […]

To Be Continued: Scam Alert!

Dear Ones, Scam Alert. I heard a few weeks ago about a few UU colleagues who had been impersonated, by the use of a similar sounding email address. This is called “phishing.” Some members of their congregations received messages asking the member to purchase various gift cards for “someone who needs it.” I posted a […]

To Be Continued: May Is Here!

Dear Ones, Welcome to the Merry Month of May! Happy Birthday to Laura Towne, founder of the Penn School (now the Penn Center), born on May 3, 1825. Miss Towne lived and worked on St. Helena Island for nearly 4 decades, making it her life’s work to ensure newly freed people had the skills and […]

To Be Continued: Spring In Beaufort

Dear Ones, With recent temperatures in the 80’s, I would say that spring has definitely “sprung” in the Lowcountry! This makes it a perfect time – almost – to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. I say almost because, well, the bugs that sting and bite are also out there in nature. As […]

To Be Continued: Easter Week

Dear Ones, As I shared in my message on Palm Sunday, this time of year – Christian Holy Week – is the time when I wrestle most with theology. Like many of you, my religious background is Christian, though I grew up unchurched. Whether one grew up in a Christian faith tradition or not, one […]

To Be Continued: Coming Events

Dear Ones, T.S. Eliot once wrote “April is the cruelest month.” I would argue that it is a very BUSY month for UUFB! This coming Sunday we will celebrate Palm Sunday – and then the “Men Who Cook” will be serving bratwurst and other goodies afterward as one of our series of “Eat the Deficit” […]

To Be Continued: Our April Theme

Dear Ones, Welcome to April! Can you believe it’s April already? Spring has arrived, bringing showers and pollen and a cold virus that is making the rounds. With the new month comes a new theme, “Wholeness.” Soul Matters frames these themes as questions: “What does it mean to be a people of Wholeness?” What does […]

To Be Continued: Transgender Day of Visibility

Dear Ones, First, I want to remind you that this coming Sunday, March 31, 2019, is “Bring A Friend Sunday!” It will be a good time for people new to Unitarian Universalism to worship with us for the first time. We will formally welcome some new members, and it’s the Fifth Sunday of the month, […]