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To Be Continued: Stewardship

Dear Ones, Autumn is the beginning of the program year for our Fellowship. We hold an ingathering service that features a water communion early in September. While it was online, we did do that two weeks ago. Soon after ingathering, we begin our annual Stewardship campaign, and hold an annual service auction. The UUFB Board […]

To Be Continued: Fall

Dear Ones, I can tell the season is really changing.  The temperature is coming down. Our air conditioner is running less. When I wake up in the morning it’s still dark. I haven’t yet noticed the sun setting earlier, but I know that will come. I’m grateful for it all. Next week is the Fall […]

To Be Continued: Water Service!

Dear Ones, For those of you who were attending this past Sunday’s service and experienced the sudden drop in my feed, we think we figured out the issue. Apparently Microsoft picked that time to perform updates. Fortunately, I was able to finish the service using another device.  This coming Sunday will be our annual water […]

To Be Continued: Equinox

Dear Ones, As we move into September the days are noticeably growing shorter. Later this month we will mark the autumn equinox, the midpoint between the longest and shortest days of the year.  Equinoxes – autumn and spring – always make me think of balance, of getting things just right somehow. They remind me that, […]

To Be Continued: When to Call the Minister

Dear Ones, Back in 1957 Universalist minister Peter Lee Scott wrote a column that’s been reproduced, adapted, and rewritten thousands of times. It’s title was “When to Call the Minister,” and I’m reproducing it here (with a little updating). When to Call the Minister?  When you haven’t met me yet, but would like to.When you […]

To Be Continued: New Program Year

Dear Ones, I’m glad to be back from study leave, and full of ideas for this coming program year! The new program year always makes me feel the excitement I always felt for a new school year – with all the anticipation of new things to learn and do. As I related in my last […]

To Be Continued: Peace and Justice

Dear Ones, It was so good to see so many of you – and a good number of visitors – show up to hear former Beaufort mayor Billy Keyserling in our pulpit this past Sunday.  It was gratifying also to hear Billy refer to us as people on the side of peace.  I’ve been thinking […]

To Be Continued: I’m Back!

Dear Ones, HELLO!!! It is good to be back, though I’m missing the slightly cooler temperatures of the upper Midwest. It is good to be back in Beaufort. I’m looking forward to being with you again this coming Sunday, as we host former Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling, in our pulpit. Mayor Billy will be sharing […]

To Be Continued: General Assembly

Dear Ones, As I write this, I’m in the midst of my annual “days of joy & sorrow.” You see I have two big joys this time of year – Father’s Day, because I had – and am married to – a wonderful father, and the anniversary of marrying the love of my life. What […]

To Be Continued: Pride!

Dear Ones, It is sincerely summer, now. The heat and humidity have moved in and many of our members are away for the season already. Unlike some of our sibling congregations we do not close down for the summer, though! We continue to provide worship services, many of them lay led.  Our efforts to get […]