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Upcoming Sundays – October 2021

October Theme: And Yet… October 3 – Paging Captain America – Rev. Lori October 10 – Save the Child? (Untold Stories) – Rev. Lori October 17 – Leap of… – Rev. Lori October 24 – TBA – Worship Team October 31 – Beyond the Veil – Rev. Lori  

Get On Board!

The board is back in action and working on fulfilling its 2021 goals. Things to look forward to include a program council meeting (maybe a potluck??), the creation of a Committee on Shared Ministry and more work towards a strategic plan. We are working to come up with the best solution regarding hybrid (virtual/in person) […]

Upcoming Sundays – September 2021

September Theme: Gratitude September 5 – Union Made – Rev. Lori September 12 – Down to the River – Rev. Lori September 19 – Grateful Spirit – Rev. Lori September 26 – TBA – Worship Team  

Get On Board!

Welcome back to another President’s column.  At the July meeting we approved Policy and Procedures for a Committee on Shared Ministry.  One more step towards setting up this much needed committee.  Some good news, we finally have internet access in the Sanctuary!  Hopefully this will be helpful in future worship services. One of the goals […]

Upcoming Sundays – June

June Theme: Play June 6 – Come As Children – Rev. Lori June 13 – What Do You Mean By Faith? – Dave Hudson June 20 – Protest or Party – Rev. Lori June 27 – General Assembly Worship

Upcoming Sundays – May

May Theme: Story May 2 – Who Tells The Story? – Rev. Lori May 9 – A Bouquet of Humanity – Rev. Lori May 16 – Are You A HUUmanist? – Worship Team May 23 – Telling Our Stories – Rev. Lori May 30 – Speaking For The Dead – Rev. Lori

Get On Board!

Welcome back to the monthly board update.  At our April meeting we continued our motivating leadership training presented by Rev. Lori. Work continues on several projects, including the Emergency Preparedness policy, restructuring the program council (it will be fun!  I promise!), updating the communications policy and more. We were excited to approve a small group […]

Upcoming Sundays – April

April Theme: Becoming April 4 – Becoming Christ – Rev. Lori April 11 – Living in a Poem – Worship Team April 18 – Celebrating the Earth – Rev. Lori April 25 – Mission & Ministry – Rev. Lori

Stewardship Update

We are already over a month into 2021.  The past year has been one for the history books.  One I am sure no one wants to be repeated.  But we move on. The updated pledge total is $122,800.  This is from 40 Member Units and 3 Friends. If you have not sent your Pledge Form […]

Upcoming Sundays – February

February Theme: Beloved Community February 7 – A Time to Rest – Worship Team February 14 – Beloved Friends – Rev. Lori February 21 – Martin + Malcolm: Dreams Deferred?  – Rev. Lori February 28 – Drawing the Circle, Wider – Rev. Lori