Care Committee

Julia Peters and Pauline Mejia, Co-Chairs

In hopes of becoming the Beloved Community that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of, we support UUFB members and friends in coping with illness, death, and crisis in addition to acknowledging special life occasions.

– Encourage open communication between the other committees, the care committee and members of the congregation.
– Encourage and support communication between the care committee members. The order of communication will begin with the minister to the chair/chairs, the care captains and the congregation

Occasions may arise where care committee members may need to meet to deal with a crisis situation in addition to the scheduled meetings. The minister and the chair/chairs will determine the need for an unscheduled meeting.

Information concerning the needs of members can come from the joys and concerns portion of the service, reports from other members, the chair/chairs or a request from a congregant.

The chair/chairs will relay the need to the care captains. The care captains will inform the neighborhood circles who in turn, will report and gather support in their circles.

The information will remain confidential unless instructed otherwise by the individual.

Duties of the care ministry will vary depending on the needs of the member. Duties can include calling or writing a member, visiting, providing food, or transportation.

Good Communication is vital to the success of our mission.

–The Care Committee