Care Committee

Jennifer Ojulewa, CHAIR

In hopes of becoming the Beloved Community that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of, we support UUFB members and friends in coping with illness, death, and crisis in addition to acknowledging special life occasions.

– Encourage open communication among congregants and between other
– Encourage more participation among members in the Caring Committee

In hopes of becoming the Beloved Community, the Caring Committee addresses and supports the individual needs of the UUFB members and friends who need help in coping with illness, death or other personal or family crisis.

We also acknowledge celebratory occasions such as births, graduations or other significant events in the lives of friends and members.

Information concerning the needs of members can come from Joys and Concerns during the service, reports from other members, the Membership Chair and self- reporting.  We also now have Care Captains in the Neighborhood Circles who report and gather support for members in their circles.  The person concerned will always be contacted to learn if we can support them in any way.  The information will remain confidential unless instructed otherwise by the individual.

The type of care ministry offered varies:  calling and writing someone, visiting, providing food, transportation, childcare or referral to a professional (lawyer, doctor, therapist, etc.)  In the past, even a massage was offered!

The Chair’s duties include: receiving information concerning those in need and support from members, Care Captains, minister, communicating those needs to the committee and the Care Captains, minister and congregation, if necessary.

If offering care or comfort to our beloved community is something that speaks to your heart, please contact for more information.