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To Be Continued: Remembrance

Dear Ones, I say it frequently, that I’m grateful for Ancient Sea Island Continuum (ASIC), our pagan affinity group, which is also affiliated with the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS). At least twice a year it’s my pleasure to co-create a service for our congregation that integrates the pagan/wiccan practices of this group. Our […]

To Be Continued: Attention!

Dear Ones, Pay ATTENTION! Our Soul Matters theme for November is “What does it mean to be a people of Attention?” Attention – not Intention. I think of Unitarian Universalists being people who always have good intentions. We generally want to, and try to, do the right thing for ourselves and others. We want to, […]

To Be Continued: Reading & Discussion

Dear Ones, As we finish up our month on the theme of “belonging,” I must say that a part of me will always belong to the north. As many of you know, Tom and I spent just a few days in Vermont last week, thanks to last year’s Auction. It was rainy, but the fall […]

To Be Continued: An Amazing Celebration!

Dear Ones, What a wonderful weekend! Our 20th Anniversary Founders Day dinner was amazing! Much gratitude to Julia Peters and her team of cooks, bakers, and sous chefs for the delicious food. It was also wonderful to be treated to musical entertainment from various members. There is so much talent here! And the surprise quilts […]

To Be Continued: Twenty Years!

Dear Ones, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling like a child waiting for Christmas for the last couple months! And it’s nearly here! I’m talking about our 20th Anniversary Founders’ Weekend, of course. Rev. Nan and I have been communicating about the worship service, some special guests will be here, some special […]

To Be Continued: Autumn is Coming

Dear Ones, Autumn days. Crisp, cool mornings. School buses bearing children to and from classes. Bringing out the sweaters, jeans, and wool socks. Hot apple cider & pumpkin spice. Piling quilts onto beds. Well… Maybe not. So far autumn in the Lowcountry just means the days are getting shorter. Sweaters are for when the air […]

To Be Continued: UUFB Needs You!

Dear Ones, UUFB Needs You! Every fellowship thrives with the involvement of many members (and friends). This is especially true for UUFB. We currently have a shortage of members involved in a few key areas. Our Welcoming Congregation Committee needs a few more hands to share the work – and a chair. Our Fabulous Worship […]

To Be Continued: Stewardship and Service

Dear Ones, I continue to be amazed at how much happens here in the fall! The water ceremony, the Founders’ events, the auction – and that’s just the special events! Many lay people work hard to present quality worship services when I’m not in the pulpit, offer religious education to children who show up, prepare […]

To Be Continued: Water Wisdom

Dear Ones, After last Sunday’s Water Ceremony, I was asked if I could publish the meditation created by everyone’s writings on water, which was read as we poured our waters into the common bowl. Someone else suggested it could be my column this week. I am delighted to offer those words here! Thank you, everyone […]

To Be Continued: Evacuation

Dear Ones, As I write this Hurricane Dorian has devastated the Bahamas, and is just about to reach the southeast coast of Florida. A mandatory evacuation order has been in place for the coastal counties of South Carolina for almost 24 hours. Nursing homes are being evacuated. My UU Coastal Clergy group has cancelled this […]