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Upcoming Sundays – January

January Theme: Imagination January 3 – Hope and Optimism – Worship Team January 10 – Hope for the Planet – Worship Team January 17 – The Great Hope – Rev. Lori January 24 – Inaugurating Hope – Rev. Lori January 31 – TBA – Rev. Lori

We Did It – Over $10,000 Raised!

We did it – we had a successful auction in a socially responsible way and made our financial target.  Not only did we have one successful auction but we had TWO – the mini and the annual for a total of over $10,400 when all is said and done. This will give the SEJ committee over $2,000 directly from […]

To Be Continued: Rest

Dear Ones, For many of us this is usually a joyful time of year, as we anticipate seeing loved ones – especially children and grandchildren. In this global pandemic time the season is different this year. Few among us will be traveling or hosting out of town guests as we might have in the past. […]

To Be Continued: Light & Dark

Dear Ones, As I wrote in this column last week, one of the things that attracted me to this congregation was the existence of the different spiritual affinity groups. It’s been interesting to get to know and work with people from each of the groups over the past few years.  This is the time of […]

To Be Continued: Affinity Groups

Dear Ones, The Healthy Congregation Team and I, along with other members met last Sunday. A few members had concerns and questions regarding the Ancient Sea Island Continuum’s (ASIC) holiday display at USCB. A leading member of ASIC addressed them as well as he could. It was determined that the time to develop the display […]

Upcoming Sundays – December

December Theme: Stillness December 6 – Be Still and Know… – Rev. Lori December 13 – The Light of… – Rev. Lori December 20 – Dark of Winter… – Rev. Lori December 24 (Christmas Eve) – Lessons & Carols – Rev. Lori December 27 – On The Cusp – Rev. Lori

To Be Continued: Thanksgiving

Dear Ones, On this Thanksgiving day, I am grateful.  I’m grateful to be serving this Fellowship.I’m grateful to be with my dear spouse. I’m grateful that our grown children are all relatively well. I’m grateful to have adequate food, and sound shelter. I’m grateful that our country seems to be moving toward a peaceful transfer of power. I’m […]

To Be Continued: Muddling Through

Dear Ones, Name that tune… “Have yourself a merry little Christmas, it may be your last,Next year we may all be living in the past…” If you think this is a contemporary satire with new lyrics to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” you’re … not right. These are actually the original lyrics for the […]

To Be Continued: Writing About Gratitude

Dear Ones, As I’ve noted earlier, our Soul Matters theme for this month is Healing, partnered with a theme of Gratitude. I’m grateful for everyone who attends our regular Sunday worship services, and last week’s service was an interesting blend of worship and practice. Our pulpit guest sent me a sweet note afterward, remarking on […]

To Be Continued: Post-Election Day Thoughts

Dear Ones, I originally wrote this column on Nov. 3rd, election day. It felt a little anticlimactic to be writing on a day when so many people I know have voted early, either in person or by mail. Now, here we are, on Nov. 4th, the day after, with results in several key states too […]