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Upcoming Sundays

Upcoming SundaysMay 7 – It’s Just A Story – Rev. LoriMay 14 – Sing Me A Song, Tell Me A Story – Rev. LoriMay 21 – Living Questions: “Secrets” and Lies – Rev. LoriMay 28 – TBA – Worship Team

Upcoming Sundays

Upcoming SundaysApril 2 – Happiness Is… – Rev. LoriApril 9 – Living Questions: Jesus, Son of Man – Rev. LoriApril 16 – Of Which We Are A Part – Rev. LoriApril 23 – Let Us Go Forth – Worship TeamApril 30 – TBA – SEJ

Upcoming Sundays

Upcoming SundaysFebruary 5 – Candlemas Celebration – Rev. LoriFebruary 12 – Living Questions: Religious Naturalism – Rev. LoriFebruary 19 – What’s Love Got To Do With UU? – Rev. LoriFebruary 26 – TBA – Worship Team

Upcoming Services

Upcoming SundaysJanuary 8 – Epiphany – Ben SellersJanuary 15 – Beyond the Dream – Rev. LoriJanuary 22 – Living Questions: Sin, Evil, & Suffering – Rev. LoriJanuary 29 – TBA – SEJ

Upcoming Services

Upcoming ServicesDecember 11 – Living Questions: Spirit  – Rev. LoriDecember 18 – Winter Holy Days – Rev. LoriDecember 24 – Christmas Eve! Lessons & CarolsDecember 25 – A New Day

To Be Continued: Festive Season

Dear Ones, It’s looking positively FESTIVE here at the Fellowship! Thank you to all who brought ornaments to adorn the Christmas tree in the Fellowship Hall! It looks fantastic! I’ve always preferred the trees that have an assortment of different kinds of ornaments over those that have all the same thing. Thank you also to […]

To Be Continued: Scam Warning

Dear Ones, It’s December already! Time to deck the halls, sing the carols, celebrate your winter holiday, eat and drink special holiday treats, and generally make merry! Watch out for the SCAMS, though. I just got notice from our former credit union that a number of customers had reported receiving an email that looks like […]

To Be Continued: LGBTQ+ Primer

Dear Ones, After last Sunday’s service honoring the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), I was asked to publish some kind of primer on LGBTQ+ language. I know there’s a lot to remember – and it can be confusing as terms are being added or changed all the time. I’ll work on a longer handout, but […]

To Be Continued: UU History

Dear Ones, Moving here from the upper Midwest, there was – and still is – a lot I don’t know about the South. A few weeks ago, though, I mentioned the “Secret Six” in the Building Your Own Theology class. I don’t remember the context – probably just talking about our Unitarian history. I was […]

To Be Continued: Remembrance

Dear Ones, We have a full Sunday coming this week! I hope you will be here with us – either in person or on Zoom! We will welcome some new members! This is always a cause for celebration in any congregation, and I hope you will be on hand to warmly welcome our new members. […]