To Be Continued: Scam Warning

Lori Zooming (2) (2)

Dear Ones,

It’s December already! Time to deck the halls, sing the carols, celebrate your winter holiday, eat and drink special holiday treats, and generally make merry!

Watch out for the SCAMS, though. I just got notice from our former credit union that a number of customers had reported receiving an email that looks like it’s coming from the credit union with the subject line: “Account Flagged-Attention Needed,” and it encourages members to click a link. In their email, the credit union stated that this is not a legitimate email, and the link would not take customers to the credit union’s website.

I’ve also personally received text messages saying my bank account had been flagged and frozen, directing me to click on a link. I’ve also received text messages saying my Amazon account had been flagged for suspicious activity, directing me to click on a link. It was clear to me that the links were not legitimate.

More and more people are doing their banking and buying online. While scammers continue to send the fake emails trying to get people to purchase gift cards and then send them the numbers of the cards; more and more they’re also using text messaging to try to get money – or information that will allow them to get access to someone’s money.

And the people they prey upon most are those of us who are older. (Yes, I’m “older,” too!)

So if you receive one of those emails or text messages that claims to be from your bank, call the bank directly and inquire if there’s really a problem. You can then block further messages from that sender. If you receive an email or text message that claims your Amazon account has been flagged for suspicious activity, go online and check your account.

Don’t let the Scammers steal your holiday joy.

Rev. Lori