To Be Continued: Remembrance

Lori Zooming (2) (2)

Dear Ones,

We have a full Sunday coming this week! I hope you will be here with us – either in person or on Zoom!

We will welcome some new members! This is always a cause for celebration in any congregation, and I hope you will be on hand to warmly welcome our new members.

We will also honor our beloveds who have joined the ancestors, in our “well of remembrance” ritual, which we haven’t been able to do for a couple of years. We’ll be just a few days past All Soul’s Day, which is when many congregations enact similar rituals.

We will also be considering our second Living Question! This time it’s the Afterlife – is there an afterlife? If so, what is it? Can we know? Does it matter? Come hear some thoughts from me, and others, on this ancient question.

I’m so glad to be here, and to be here with you!

Rev. Lori