To Be Continued: New Members!

Lori Zooming (2) (2)

Dear Ones,

It feels like it’s been forever since we welcomed new members to the Fellowship. It kind of has been, given the pandemic years. Feels like the pandemic has lasted a lifetime.

However, I have good news to share! After last Sunday’s “Q & A about UUFB” session, four people signed our membership book! We’re now working out when to include a welcome to new members in an upcoming worship service.

It’s a big deal when anyone deliberately and consciously makes a choice to become a member of a faith community. In this country there’s no state religion to which one must belong. Conversely, there’s no governmental pressure to not have a religion.

It’s a big deal that YOU – if you’re a member – have chosen to be part of UUFB, too! We’re so glad you’re here! It’s also great if you’re not a member that you’re connecting with us via the newsletter, or occasionally attending services, or even thinking about maybe joining, as well.

In this day and age when so many claim “spiritual but not religious” status – or are simply not interested in religion at all – I celebrate when any person decides to throw their lot in with this hardy band of freethinking, free-believing, justice-oriented people. I hope you’ll celebrate as well, and make an effort to include our new members in the life of UUFB.

I’m so glad to be here, with you.

Rev. Lori