To Be Continued: Stewardship Season

Lori Zooming (2) (2)

Dear Ones,

Very soon we will be in the midst of the Annual Stewardship Drive. You’ll receive the official stewardship email, and letter, and pledge packets.

I am not a member of UUFB. Some of my colleagues choose to join the congregations they serve while they’re serving them, and believe that this creates an “I’m in this with you” atmosphere. Some make sacrificial pledges. By this I mean pledging at such a level as to be one of the major donors to their congregation’s stewardship campaign.

I am not a member. I still pledge as a friend of the congregation. (My husband pledges as a member, and I’m not speaking for him in this column.)

I pledge because I know some of our members and friends don’t have the financial resources to pledge anything, and I want to help support them.

I pledge because I believe in this fellowship, and want it to continue as a voice of liberal religion here in South Carolina.

I pledge because I am committed to UUFB, and to Unitarian Universalism, and I believe in putting my resources where my heart is.

On September 25, 2022, there will be an informational congregational meeting. Our Treasurer will share some important information about the state of our finances, as well as a projection of our financial picture into the future.

I hope you will pledge to the best of your ability. I hope you will attend the congregational meeting. I hope you will continue to support UUFB with your time, talent, and commitment in whatever way you are able – regardless of your ability to make a financial pledge. (There is no financial pledge requirement for membership at UUFB.)

Rev. Lori