To Be Continued: Back at work!

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Hello Everyone!

Today is my “official” return from sabbatical, and I am so glad to be here! We begin our seventh year of ministry together – can you believe it?

There’s always a lot happening at the beginning of the program year. I’ll be returning to the pulpit this coming Sunday, September 4th, which is Labor Day Weekend.

Our annual water service/ingathering will be on Sunday, September 11th. This is the time when we mingle the water you may have brought back from travels – or from your own backyards – symbolizing our coming together again as a faith community for a new year.

In response to some spoken desires for more content on theology and spirituality, I’ve planned a sermon series on various theological topics – and how they relate to Unitarian Universalism. Theology does not end with a simple statement of belief – or non belief – in a supernatural deity. Theology encompasses the whole of our lives and thinking on many different topics: Jesus, Humanity, Sin/Evil/Suffering, Ethics, and the Afterlife, to name a few.

With each theological topic, I have a list of suggested films or TV series to view to get you thinking theologically in a fun way. Yes! Theology can be fun! Most of the films are comedies, so please don’t think this is going to be a boring endeavor!

Connected to the series, I’m also wondering if there’s interest in a series of workshops called “Building Your Own Theology.” Originally published in 1978, and updated in 2000, BYOT has been used extensively throughout congregations in the UUA for many years. Let me know what you think, so we can make further plans and get dates on the calendar!

It is good to be here at UUFB. I look forward to being with you again!

Rev. Lori