Get On Board!

The board has met twice since my last column, and we have heard from the Worship Team about their plans for services during Rev. Lori’s upcoming Sabbatical.  They have things well in hand, and I am confident things will go smoothly while she is gone.

On the subject of the Worship Team, they would like volunteers to do readings and/or help with welcome and announcements, lighting the chalice, passing the baskets, etc.  If you are willing to help on a Sunday morning, contact the administrator at and he will pass your name on.
We are back to in-person worship services, and are also streaming via zoom thanks to the A/V task force.  We will also have an abbreviated social hour starting March 20th.

The Strategic Planning Task Force is up and running and has held two meetings so far.  You will likely be hearing from them in the not so distance future.  Your input will be invaluable, so please participate as much as you are able.

The board held a mini-retreat early in March and after some good discussion agreed on its goals for 2022.
And finally, the administrator, who had been a contract employee will now be a part-time UUFB employee, effective 1 April 2022.  

I hope you all stay well, and I’ll see you on Sunday!

Board President