To Be Continued: Ukraine

2022 Jan Lori

Dear Ones,

This past Sunday we were thrilled to be in person AND on Zoom, simultaneously! The Technology Task Force worked – and continues to work – very hard to make this happen. They are: Nick (our Administrator), Jeanine, JW, Jinny, and Carole. Thank You!
Much of the conversation before and after the service involved Ukraine, where many are fleeing – and many are creatively and bravely resisting Russia’s attempt to re-absorb the country. Elsewhere in this newsletter you’ll see a photo of several of us either wearing blue and yellow in solidarity with Ukraine, or wearing blue and yellow ribbons provided by Jean.
Several times on Sunday I heard this comment (or something similar) in reference to the Ukrainians: “They could be us. They look like us.”
As I thought about that, I pondered how the second world war ended over 70 years ago, and nearly all the veterans of that war are now dead. Seeing a war in Europe is foreign to many Americans. So, yes, part of our majority white congregation’s visceral response to Ukraine may well be because we see ourselves in those fleeing from the war.
The other thing that occurred to me is that the Unitarian Service Committee – now the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) – was created at the beginning of World War II and its initial purpose was to help people get out of the Czech Republic and away from the Nazis. The UUSC is again raising money for refugees – indeed, they are almost always raising money for their Emergency Response Fund.
Should you be moved to help by donating money, here’s how to find more information on how our UUSC is responding, and what organizations they’re working with:
The situation in Ukraine is ongoing and developing. Let’s hold all who are suffering in the world from oppression or conflict in our prayers.

        Rev. Lori