To Be Continued: Changes

2022 Jan Lori

Dear Ones,

We are almost two years into this global pandemic, and I’m thinking today of how many changes we’ve been through in a relatively short period of time.

The big change for UUFB, of course, was moving worship and other group meetings to Zoom. That’s been true for most UU congregations – as well as many other faith groups. I know people who’ve attended Saturday services for their synagogue online, as well as various Protestants who’ve also moved almost everything online. We’re working toward moving back to in-person worship as soon as we can also offer an online option.

There have been so many other changes, though. Changes in the way we consume entertainment – more viewing of movies and programs online or through the many streaming services. Changes in the way we shop – more online, more delivery and curbside pick-up. Changes in the way we eat – more meals at home, or at venues that offer outdoor seating. Changes in our recreation, alone or with others – accessing more outdoor than indoor options.

When we do go out, we’re finding that we need to exercise more patience. Most businesses are short-staffed, and many are dealing with supply-chain issues.

Where will all these changes lead us? We don’t – can’t – know, really. I’m pretty sure, though, that we’re never really going back to the world as it used to be. That would be pretty scary, if I didn’t also know that the people of this Fellowship are committed to one another, and to the health of our faith community.

Be safe, friends. I love you.

Rev. Lori