Get On Board!

Every month Rev. Lori conducts some training.  Currently she is using the book “How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You are Going” which talks about leading in liminal times, and how stressful change can be on everyone.  This has been particularly helpful, since it feels we’ve had nothing but change for two years.
January’s meeting was fairly straightforward.  We had our first meeting with new members David Grim and Jim Miller.  (Thank you again for agreeing to serve).

We are planning a board retreat for the near future and will continue to work on the goals we didn’t complete in 2021.

While Rev. Lori is on Sabbatical, we will have more outside speakers than we have had over the past several years, and we have updated the reimbursement amounts to better align with recommendations from the UUA.

The Small Group Policy has been updated, so please take a look at that, it is posted on the website.

Until next time, stay safe and as a former boss of mine always said “Be Sweet”

    Jeanine Darville