To Be Continued: Change

2022 Jan Lori

With the new year often come changes and resolutions. Your UUFB Board has two new at large members: David Grim and Jim Miller; and a new President-Elect: Carole Gunter. Our congregation has a relatively new member: Peter Kandis (who recently led an online worship service).
The Board is also recruiting people to work on strategic planning for UUFB. A new task force is forming to figure out how to implement hybrid programming for worship – that is, holding in person worship and online worship simultaneously. In addition, our Fabulous Worship Team needs a new chair, given that the previous chair has moved away.
That’s a lot of change. Change is often viewed as scary and hard. We’re also coming up on two years of living through a global pandemic. Many of us have been exposed to the virus, some of us have tested positive and been ill, others have had family or friends be ill, some of us have lost loved ones to the disease.
We can all be excused for feeling anxious – and for desperately wanting to be “normal” again. I put the word in quotes, because I’m not sure what normal is, anymore. I’m also not sure returning to what was the norm is what’s needed, for our Fellowship or our country.
What I do know is that this Fellowship is a loving and caring community, full of people who want to move forward together.
This coming Sunday I’m going to return to one of my favorite topics, covenant. I return to it at least once a year, because it is the foundation of our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition. It’s also what binds us together, and asks us to stay at the table together through good times, bad times, and unprecedented times like now.
We Unitarian Universalists are not known by our creeds, as the old saying goes, but by our deeds. We are also known by our promises, our covenants, and how we embody them. I hope to see you on Sunday, via Zoom, to explore this rich idea once more.
Be safe, friends. I love you.

Rev. Lori