To Be Continued: The Holidays are Here

Dear Ones,

Here we go, hurtling headfirst into the holiday season! Hannukah began this past Sunday evening for our Jewish members, friends, and neighbors. We’re in the middle of our Annual Auction, online again this year. The Winter Solstice – or Yule – will be upon us soon (Dec. 21, 2021). Then Christmas Eve, Christmas, Watch Night, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve!

There are a lot of holidays to celebrate, and much to celebrate this year. A year ago I wrote that the season was so different, as most of us were isolating. Few of us were traveling to be with family and friends. In fact, few of us were even venturing into stores. Many of us were having groceries delivered – or using curbside pickup – and shopping for gifts online.

While the pandemic is still with us, and the new Omicron variant may cause a new surge, the mood is a bit lighter this year. I hear people making plans to make holiday trips – or host guests here in Beaufort.

I hope that we will all pace ourselves appropriately, and pay attention to the times when we might feel a little down. Feeling a little “blue” over the holidays is normal, especially if one’s experienced particular losses or difficulties around the time of previous holidays. It’s okay to not be totally joyful all the time. It’s okay to take some time to have a good cry over what – or who – is not present. It’s also okay to say “no, thanks” to a gathering or event – and binge watch something on Netflix, or indulge in a holiday movie marathon by yourself. And, if you need someone to talk to, please reach out to me, or a trusted friend, or a therapist.

Now, I’m going to go check on the auction. I hope you’re having as much fun bidding as I am!

Rev. Lori Hlaban