To Be Continued: Worship Team News

Dear Ones,

You can see at the top of the newsletter that this coming Sunday is another “going visiting” event for worship! One of the gifts of the pandemic has been the opportunity to observe how other congregations “do worship” – and to hear from other ministers. UU Metro Atlanta North is served by my colleague, the Rev. Dave Dunn, who I’ve had the pleasure of hearing preach at SUUSI. The service next Sunday is “What’s Out There?” and he’ll be exploring what we might believe exists in the universe. Sounds like an interesting service!

Most of our Worship Team met via Zoom last Sunday afternoon. The team made the decision to “go visiting” next Sunday; then we turned our attention to some planning around the upcoming months. As most of you know, UU ministers typically have one Sunday off per month, as well as Sundays off during vacations or study leave or when attending denominational events. 

The Worship Team has done a great job under Dave H’s leadership over the past few years, and really worked hard to bring quality services to the congregation this past summer. We’re sad to see Dave and Kate leave to be closer to family. That move will probably happen toward the end of 2021. 

In the meantime, the Worship Team needs to gear up to cover worship services while I am on sabbatical from April – August, 2022. We’re looking into the feasibility of bringing in one or two pulpit guests per month, and perhaps running a workshop or two on how to write a sermon. 

I firmly believe that everyone has a sermon inside them. Everyone has a story that can help others, that can be told and that will convey some spiritual truth that others can learn from. I hope everyone will consider attending the workshops – not sure when they’ll happen yet – and also consider learning how to be a worship associate. 

More to come!

        Rev. Lori Hlaban