To Be Continued: Walk For Water

Dear Ones,

Each Sunday those members and friends of UUFB who attend worship are invited to affirm our mission statement by speaking the words aloud. Here is that statement:

“Our mission is to create a joyful sanctuary for spiritual and intellectual growth, embracing all souls in a nurturing community from which we go forth as activists for social justice and as stewards of the natural world.”

As the activist water protectors have told us, “water is life.” This is basic – we all know that we need water to live!

This coming Saturday, UUFB members and friends have the opportunity to be activists! Or at least “walktivists.” We can join the Walk for Water, which raises funds for Water Mission. Water Mission is a faith-based organization that works to provide clean water to people around the world. The Beaufort Walk for Water is an interfaith effort, and I’m proud that UUFB is once again sponsoring the walk!

If you aren’t able to walk on Saturday, you can contribute at Walk for Water-Beaufort. Here’s the link.

        Rev. Lori Hlaban