To Be Continued: Stewardship

Dear Ones,

Autumn is the beginning of the program year for our Fellowship. We hold an ingathering service that features a water communion early in September. While it was online, we did do that two weeks ago.

Soon after ingathering, we begin our annual Stewardship campaign, and hold an annual service auction. The UUFB Board builds a budget based on pledges received during the Stewardship campaign, and prepares to present the budget – as well as a slate of candidates for elected offices – at an annual meeting held in early December. 

If you haven’t already, you will soon receive an email announcing our 2022 Stewardship campaign. In a couple weeks we will mail pledge materials and information about cottage meetings you might attend to learn more – and to share your thoughts and ideas about UUFB. Our theme this year is “Open Minds – Open Hearts – Open Doors.”

I think it suits us! We encourage open minds here, eager to explore new ideas. We show our open hearts whenever we help one another, help in a community project, or donate to a Fifth Sunday collection. And, while our doors have been literally closed for much of the last two years; they are always open to new people, new energy, and new thoughts!

I know several of your UUFB Board members have already made their pledges for 2022, and I will soon. I hope you’ll join us in continuing to support the Fellowship. 

Happy Fall!

        Rev. Lori Hlaban