To Be Continued: Equinox

Dear Ones,

As we move into September the days are noticeably growing shorter. Later this month we will mark the autumn equinox, the midpoint between the longest and shortest days of the year. 

Equinoxes – autumn and spring – always make me think of balance, of getting things just right somehow. They remind me that, while we can mark these points of balance in the stars and on our calendars; we are hard-pressed as fallible humans to achieve balance over long stretches of time. Hard-pressed to get things just right all the time.

As we begin another program year for UUFB, we’re once again juggling the demands of being mostly online with the demands of our annual schedule of events. We managed quite well last year, for the most part. We had our stewardship campaign and auction online. We held worship every Sunday and Christmas Eve online. 

As I said in our online worship this past Sunday, we can do this! Humanity has been through difficult times before, has lived with wearing and annoying restrictions before, and we’ve made it through. 

None of this is easy, and I hope you know that I’m right there with you in the frustration. And I hope you know that you are not alone. We’re in this together. We can get through this together!

I’m closing with two links. First is the song Hope Comes by The Bengsons on YouTube, then the link to the edited worship service from last Sunday (Aug. 29, 2021). 

Hope Comes:

Last Sunday’s Service:

Hang in there. 

        Rev. Lori Hlaban