To Be Continued: When to Call the Minister

Dear Ones,

Back in 1957 Universalist minister Peter Lee Scott wrote a column that’s been reproduced, adapted, and rewritten thousands of times. It’s title was “When to Call the Minister,” and I’m reproducing it here (with a little updating).

When to Call the Minister? 

When you haven’t met me yet, but would like to.
When you have problems to discuss—about anything. 
When a sympathetic ear might help.
When you’re going in the hospital or know someone else who is.
When someone close to you dies or is critically ill.
When you’re planning to be married, or might be.
When you return from vacation.
When your child (or grandchild) graduates from college.
When you have a child to be dedicated.
When you’re pregnant but wish you weren’t.
When you want to learn more about Unitarian Universalism.
When you’re scared.
When you’d like to make a bequest to the church.
When your child (or grandchild) gets a big promotion.
When you’re considering joining the congregation.
When you’d like to show us what a good cook you are!
When a friend of yours wants to know more about our faith.
When you have suggestions about the programs for the church.
When you have suggestions for a sermon or about the worship services.
When you’d like to help with committee work or congregational activities.
When you want to discuss community issues or would like my involvement.
When you’re mad at me.
When you’d like to talk religion with me.

Basically, any time is a good time to contact your minister! Please do contact me in good times and difficult times. I’m hear to listen, and help if I can.

        Rev. Lori Hlaban