To Be Continued: Peace and Justice

Dear Ones,

It was so good to see so many of you – and a good number of visitors – show up to hear former Beaufort mayor Billy Keyserling in our pulpit this past Sunday. 

It was gratifying also to hear Billy refer to us as people on the side of peace. 

I’ve been thinking about that, and wanting to add the words “and justice.” We are people of peace – and justice. Our mission statement and chalice extinguishing words which we recite every Sunday refer to our commitment to social justice. Part of social justice is working for peace, to be sure. As the slogan goes, though: “No justice, no peace.” 

Over the next several weeks our Fabulous Worship Team™ will offer more great worship on Sundays. This September we’ll return to our regular schedule, and I want to give you a little preview. 

We’re not going to be using the Soul Matters theme-based ministry materials that we’ve used for the last several years. Instead, worship chair Dave H. and I met with a consultant to work out our own themes, specific to UUFB. Here are the first few themes:

September: Ingathering/Gratitude
October: Social Justice
November: Now what?

I’ll be on study leave the next two weeks, developing resources and sketching out services for these themes. I’m excited, and looking forward to this new program year!

Take care & stay safe, everyone!

        Rev. Lori Hlaban