May 5th Sunday Donations – THANK YOU!

All during the COVID pandemic, Marshview Farm has been preparing free hot meals to those needy members within our community who have lost their jobs.  

Students from the Marshview cooking classes participated in this project by picking vegetables at Marshview Farm, helping with the preparation of food, packing it into carry-out boxes, and helping with the delivery of boxes to the people in cars who picked up their meal at Gullah Grub. 

The SEJ Committee is please to share that we raised $1,245.00 dollars for Marshview Farm on our May 5th Sunday in order to help them continue to prepare meals for our needy families until they are able to return to work.  

Our SEJ Committee is extremely grateful for the generosity of our fellowship; and we should all be proud of our service to others during these exceptionally challenging times. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL for your generosity!!