To Be Continued: Technical Difficulties

Dear Ones,

Okay! Last Sunday was an adventure on Zoom, wasn’t it?

If you did not manage to hang in there through the repeated stops and starts, here’s what happened. There was a change in the link to our services this week, and a change from one webmaster to another. In the hand-off, the new link apparently got lost in the shuffle, so it wasn’t changed on the UUFB website before last Sunday.

The correct link was at the UUFB Facebook page and our UUFB Beloved Community Forum group, though the link wasn’t pinned to the top as it should have been. I’m not sure how the correct link kept getting disrupted, and it doesn’t matter much at this point. What matters is that an email got sent to members with the correct link – Thank You, Nick (and Jeanine)! And the service went on, just a little bit late.

If you did manage to hang in there – Thank You! It was, as always, a pleasure to collaborate with Stephen Burton and the Ancient Sea Island Continuum. The individual videos Stephen created (the call to worship, Inanna story, and benediction) are available upon request.

And – the new link for our Sunday worship services should now be on the website, in this newsletter, and on the Facebook venues. I’m so sorry for last Sunday’s mix-up, and any inconvenience it caused to anyone.

I’m grateful to be here, and grateful for the technology that’s made it possible for us to stay connected over the past year. Be well, and stay safe!

Rev. Lori Hlaban