To Be Continued: Scams Again…

Dear Ones,

Scams again…

Remember a few months ago when at least one of our members were emailed by a person or persons unknown impersonating me – and asking them to purchase a significant amount of gift cards? Over the past few years, several of our Unitarian Universalist colleagues – and their congregations – have had this happen to them. 

The scammers create and use an email address that they hope will fool the recipient into believing the minister is really contacting them. This is called “phishing.” Typically, the recipient receives an email asking them to purchase gift cards for some sort of charity – women battling cancer was the cause used in the email impersonating me. 

It’s not just Unitarian Universalist congregations that are targeted, congregations of other denominations have similarly been targeted. 

This week, though, the scammers hit a new – well, I’m not sure it’s a high or a low. Several Unitarian Universalist ministers received an email purporting to be from UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray, with almost the same script used in other scams. 

These folks are relentless. Sooner or later, they will turn their attention to the congregations in our area again – including us. So this is a reminder. Be aware, let me know if you receive one of these emails, and don’t be fooled. The scammers typically use gmail, and the email can be reported as spam. Google will also direct people to report the email to the FBI. 

Thank you for being here & staying connected. I love you. Be well, and stay safe!

Rev. Lori Hlaban