To Be Continued: The Last Ten Feet

Dear Ones,

Given that we just enjoyed a lot of beautiful poetry last Sunday, I’m sure you all can handle a little metaphorical language from me this week…

It’s been said that the last ten feet of climbing a mountain are the most dangerous. This is because the end is in sight. Along the way beforehand, it’s easy to remember to have good contact with the ground, place one’s equipment carefully, and watch one’s step. But when the end is in sight, it’s easy to forget and hurry toward the summit. All of the focus required for climbing takes its toll on the body and the spirit – it’s exhausting. Seeing the goal brings the urge to rush – and there’s nothing more dangerous in mountain climbing than rushing.

This seems to be where we’re at with regard to the global pandemic. Some of us are already receiving vaccines – others have appointments. We may be tired of remembering to wash our hands, wipe down our groceries, maintain social distancing, wear our masks, and all the other guidelines for greater safety. This, too, is exhausting, and spirit-draining.

This is a critical time – and the next months are important. Your Board and I will be monitoring infection rates and vaccination percentages. We will be continuing to worship and meet online. We hope you will continue to practice all those things we know help keep us safer – including getting vaccinated when you are able.

The goal is not to get to the top of the mountain first as the fastest. The goal is to get all of us there safely.

Thank you for being here & staying connected. I love you. Be well, and stay safe!

Rev. Lori Hlaban