To Be Continued: Back at Work

Dear Ones,

I’m so glad to be back at work! I didn’t really go anywhere while on vacation and study leave. Travel just wasn’t worth the risk before receiving the COVID vaccine. So Tom and I were here in Beaufort, walking almost daily, and enjoying watching the amaryllis we bought in the auction.

When I picked up the plant, there were several to choose from. Instead of taking one that was already blooming, I chose one with a tall stalk and a still closed bud. As I wrote in a post at the UUFB Beloved Community Forum, there’s only one window in our house that gets real light – and our Christmas tree was set up in front of it. So we weren’t sure the plant would bloom.

However, the healthy plant did bloom and provide us with hours of entertainment watching the bud open, the flowers separate from one another, and seeing each flower slowly open until it was fully in bloom. I’d never watched a plant so closely, marveling at the process.

 It was good to be focused on developing beauty, as our country moves toward the inauguration of a new president. The events of last week are still disturbing, and I’m glad to see more security being deployed around the nation’s capital in anticipation of next Wednesday’s ceremony.

In our newsletter is an invitation to join together via Zoom to celebrate the inauguration. There’s also an announcement of the popular “A Year and a Day” class being offered again. There’s potential for another book discussion group, and another adult enrichment opportunity later this month.

It’s a new year with lots of new possibilities! I’m glad to be exploring them with you!

Thank you for being here & staying connected. I love you.

Rev. Lori Hlaban