To Be Continued: Affinity Groups

Dear Ones,

The Healthy Congregation Team and I, along with other members met last Sunday. A few members had concerns and questions regarding the Ancient Sea Island Continuum’s (ASIC) holiday display at USCB. A leading member of ASIC addressed them as well as he could. It was determined that the time to develop the display was rather short, which is why we learned so late that the display was going up. We noted that UUFB is not mentioned in the display, nor in the guide to symbols which is reached by using the QR code on the display. Here is a link to that guide. The display will be up on the grounds of USCB by the Center for Fine Arts through Dec. 15th. It is lovely to see the lights of the Yule log “flickering” in the dusk.

ASIC is UUFB’s longest-existing spiritual affinity group, formed about a decade ago. It is also formally a chapter of CUUPS (the Covenant of UU Pagans).  There are two other groups, a Buddhist group and a Christian group. I note here that there is also a UU Buddhist Fellowship, as well as a UU Christian Fellowship. Our Buddhist group is listed on the UU Buddhist Fellowship website. Our Christian affinity group has, to date, not elected to formally affiliate with the UUCF. There was some interest in forming a Jewish affinity group here, but the application process for that group was never completed. 

All of our spiritual affinity groups abide by guidelines approved by the Board in 2014. Key to the covenant with each group is providing educational opportunities for our members and friends. ASIC has done this faithfully by offering a class called A Year And A Day, as well as co-leading worship with me twice a year. The Buddhist group has offered Monday evening meditation, occasional days of mindfulness, and some involvement with worship. The Christian affinity group has offered book discussions, as well as presentations on various aspects of faithful living/religious practice, and some involvement with worship.

One of the things that attracted me to UUFB was the existence of these three healthy spiritual affinity groups. I’m committed to their continued healthy existence. Therefore, I am recommending that in the new year, the UUFB Board take up the task of reviewing and reaffirming the covenants with each of these groups. I look forward to this as an opportunity for renewal, education, and clarity for all concerned! 

Thank you for being here, for being part of this Fellowship, and for staying connected! I love you. Keep breathing and stay safe, everyone.

Rev. Lori Hlaban