To Be Continued: Not The Same

Dear Ones,

As I write this the UUFB Mini-Auction is happening! There are some great experiences and beautiful items available, and I hope everyone is finding something that appeals to them.

Remember – this is not your only opportunity! The mini auction is our chance to learn how the system works, in preparation for a bigger online auction later.

This is but another in a series of “not the same” experiences that we’ve needed to accept during this global pandemic. The annual flower service was “not the same,” and it was still lovely. Online committee meetings are “not the same,” and yet the work of our committees continues. Summer lay led worship was “not the same,” and still powerful. The ingathering water service was “not the same,” and still meaningful.

The annual Beaufort Walk for Water – and our involvement in it – were “not the same” this year. Still, people walked, many like the UUFB registrants in small groups; and money was raised for an important cause. Our Fifth Sunday collections are announced in advance so donations can be made before, as well as on, the fifth Sunday. Fellowship hour after the worship service is “not the same” in Zoom breakout groups, and it’s still an important time of connection for many.

“Not the same” doesn’t mean bad, just different, and different can be fun!

So, I hope you’re registered as a bidder in the mini auction, and you win at least one of the items on which you bid. I hope you’ll come back for the bigger auction in about a month, too. All proceeds support UUFB and our wider community through the Social and Environmental Justice Committee. Now, I need to go check on a couple auction items…

Thank you for being here, for being part of this Fellowship, and for staying connected! I love you. We will get through this. Keep breathing and stay safe, everyone.

Rev. Lori Hlaban