In Case Of Emergency

One Sunday when I was worship assistant at another congregation, a member of the choir suddenly collapsed. Another choir member roused the first enough to help him to the foyer, where he was quickly seated in a wheelchair and the paramedics were called. 

Fortunately, the spouse of the member who collapsed was also in attendance, and we sent her off to follow the ambulance to the hospital. If that choir member had been attending solo, we would have worked to contact their spouse. 

What if we didn’t know who to call, though? There were plenty of other members of all ages in that congregation who lived alone. This was a particular issue with the older members whose spouses had passed away, and whose adult children didn’t live locally.

Think about your situation. Do we know who to call, in case of emergency? We’d like to update our records with emergency contact information for all our members. This information would be held in confidence, for emergencies. 

Please consider sending emergency contact information to Rev. Lori. Because we want to know who you want us to call – in an emergency.

Thank you!