To Be Continued: Vote!

Dear Ones,

I love this congregation, and I love how so many of us are engaged in some form of social justice or political action. The best form of action right now is to VOTE.

Vote absentee by mail with a mail in ballot. Vote absentee in person at the Beaufort County Board of Elections. Vote in person at your polling place on November 3rd.

If you opt for voting absentee by mail, be sure to have your signed by a witness. The Supreme Court just ruled that this is necessary. So have your ballot signed by a witness before mailing it in!

If you opt for voting either absentee in person, or in person on election day, be sure to wear your mask, observe appropriate social distancing, and take along whatever you might need for a long wait. I voted absentee in person, and was glad I took a book along because the wait was an hour and a half long. Another person in line brought their own lawn chair.

Vote Love – Defeat Hate!

Join us for online worship this coming Sunday, too. We’re using material from the Side With Love’s UU the Vote campaign for the service. UUA President Susan Frederick Gray is the preacher, the story for all ages is shared by the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship’s Ministry Team, and special music is offered by Amanda Thomas, music director at Second Unitarian Church in Chicago, who has also directed music at General Assembly. It will be a special Sunday!

Thank you for being here, for being part of this Fellowship, and for staying connected! I love you. We will get through this. Keep breathing and stay safe, everyone.

Rev. Lori Hlaban