To Be Continued: Passwords Required

Dear Ones,

I’m incredibly impressed with how most of our members and friends have embraced our new way of being together online, via Zoom! It is a balm for my spirit, and I know for many of yours, to see one another’s faces and hear each other’s voices on Sundays during online worship. It’s also great to be able to meet together midweek for a check in, or a committee meeting, or chair yoga.

Now that we’ve all gotten comfortable with the system, things are about to change. One of the new security measures put in place by Zoom – for OUR protection – is to require passwords for all meetings.

In this newsletter, and at the UUFB website, and the UUFB Facebook page and group, and the reminder emails for check ins, there will be NEW links to follow for worship and the Wednesday and Friday check ins. The passwords are very simple. Here they are.

For the check ins on Wednesday evening and Friday morning: uufb
For Sunday worship: worship

If you ever can’t remember, just send me a quick email. And, please note that the LAST check in for the program year will be on Friday, June 19th. I’ll be virtually attending General Assembly the next week, then on vacation/study leave for the month of July. I may not be able to go anywhere, but I will be taking some time to unplug and recharge my batteries.

Thank you for being here, for being part of this Fellowship, and for staying connected! I love you. You are beloved and precious. We will get through this. Stay safe, everyone.

Rev. Lori Hlaban