To Be Continued: Virtual Potluck

Dear Ones,

It was so great to see people in their fancy hats last Sunday for Easter! Even if we can’t be together in person, we can still have fun together!

Last week I asked if anyone had any ideas for more ways we can stay connected while practicing social distancing. Via Zoom: committees are meeting, the Soul Matters small group is meeting, there are two opportunities to check in and chat with me and other members, and of course, we’re holding Sunday worship services.

During the after-service conversation last Sunday, the idea of a virtual potluck came up. I think this could be a lot of fun! We could meet over a meal! Of course, we’d all be in our own homes, and I’m trying to figure out how we could involve sharing. Hmmm… maybe we post a few recipes, and invite people to include one of them in their individual meals? They don’t even have to be recipes – just suggestions that each household could create in their own way. “Potato salad” has many different recipes – American, German, Red-skinned, Greek… and is also available at grocery store counters (usually). Who would like to plan this with me?

Elsewhere in this issue is another opportunity to be involved – look for the request for photos for the flower communion!

Thank you for being here, for being part of this Fellowship, and for staying connected!
I love you. You are beloved and precious. We will get through this.

Rev. Lori Hlaban