To Be Continued: Staying Connected

Dear Ones,

It is so good to be able to maintain our connections during this time. While Zoom worship and committee meetings seemed foreign to many of us a few weeks ago, many have taken the leap of faith to stay connected via technology.

In addition to leading worship with Chris from our homes, and two check in opportunities each week, I’m making check in and follow up calls almost daily. I’m also available for pastoral conversations by phone or Zoom. You can text or call my cell number, which is in the online member directory at our website. If you’re a member and don’t know how to access it, send me an email!

This past week it was reported that somewhere between 20 and 50 new recruits at Parris Island tested positive for the novel corona virus. The first death from the virus happened in Beaufort County. Our members’ families are being personally touched by this disease.

I know we’re observing the precautions as best we’re able, and hoping for the best. The old saying is “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” I know this is heavy and serious, and I ask this with great compassion: Have you thought about who will be told if you get sick? What if you have to go to the hospital? How will your loved ones, your friends, your faith community, know?

A friend of mine recently had this exact conversation with a dear friend, and they decided on the following plan, which may alleviate a tiny bit of anxiety.

Take a deep breath, and make a list of those close to you – family, friends, fellow UUFB folks, and – hopefully – me. Then compose a simple email that has all those people in the “To” part of the email, and save it in your “Drafts” folder. Then, if you become ill you can open it up and just press “Send.” Let those close to you know what you’ve done, and maybe ask them to also make this simple plan.

Thank you for being here, for being part of this Fellowship, and for staying connected!

Remember, I love you. You are beloved and precious. We will get through this.

Rev. Lori Hlaban