To Be Continued: End of February

Dear Ones,

I know it seems like the month of February has lasted about a year. At least, it always seems so to me. Back in Wisconsin, it always seemed like the heaviest snows and grayest days were reserved for this month. Here in South Carolina, we’re having a lot of rain, and the days just seem to be dragging. I think what’s really going on is a desire for spring – even though we *know* that means everything will be decorated with yellow pollen for weeks.

One highlight from this month was the somewhat impromptu movie on Valentine’s Day, which drew over 40 people to UUFB, not all of them members. What I want to note here is that the idea to do this was brought to me on Tuesday – just three days before the day of the showing. We made sure there was nothing else on the calendar, and checked that the movie was covered by our video license. Then the members who had this great idea worked to pull together some word-of-mouth advertising, we put it in the newsletter, and a lot of people showed up! The lesson here is: We don’t always have to plan fun events months in advance.

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th – and most of the Friday evenings in March are wide open on the UUFB calendar. Maybe YOU have a good idea for a fun event here at UUFB! Let me know!

Rev. Lori Hlaban