To Be Continued: Valentine’s Day

Dear Ones,

‘Tis the day before Valentine’s Day, and the florists are super busy. So are retail card shops, and some restaurants are already turning away requests for reservations. (And parents are no doubt purchasing boxes of character-themed cards for their children to exchange at school.) There’s a lot of money to be made on this holiday. But… is that what it’s all about?

While the Feast Day for St. Valentine was established in the 5th C., celebrating Valentine’s Day wasn’t associated with romantic love until the 14th or 15th C., with several references to “love birds.” The popular “roses are red” seems to go back to the 16th C. – though the specific formulation is from the 18th C.: “The rose is red, the violet’s blue/the honey is sweet, and so are you.”

Valentine’s Day can be fun and happy. It can also be a bit of a let down if the proposal one is hoping for doesn’t appear. It can be depressing if one is single surrounded by happy couples; or one is missing a particular loved one due to death, or separation for any reason.

It’s easier to get through the holiday with people! On Valentine’s Day at 4:00 p.m. there will be a FREE showing of the movie, “Yesterday” in our UUFB Fellowship Hall. Bring yourself and a beverage, bring a friend or two, and enjoy an uplifting film!

However you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate) Valentine’s Day, know this:
You Are Loved.

Rev. Lori Hlaban