To Be Continued: New Year and Election Courtesy

Dear Ones,

I hope you’ve all had good, meaningful time with friends and loved ones over the holidays! Here we are in the early days of 2020, and the world is as confusing as ever.

As we move into this new year, we know there will be a lot – A LOT – of political activity in the coming months. In one congregation I served we stopped seeing about a dozen people in the fall of a presidential campaign. After the election most of them returned, with several saying they’d just decided to stay home on Sundays for awhile rather than have repeated political arguments at church.

While I encourage everyone to become informed, and to vote their conscience AND their UU values – please be mindful that the person seated next to you may have a different political viewpoint. We Unitarian Universalists value our freedom of conscience! As our Unitarian ancestor, Francis David, is alleged to have said: “We need not think alike to love alike.”

This is also a friendly reminder that, while our congregation may take positions and pass resolutions in support of legislation and issues; as a congregation we are not allowed to endorse specific candidates or political parties. Please do not leave partisan literature in either of our buildings.

All that said, do look for information coming soon on the “UU the Vote” campaign from the UUA! We value the democratic process – and our UU values!

Rev. Lori Hlaban