To Be Continued: Holidays and Advent

Dear Ones,

The winter holidays are coming! Advent! Hanukkah! Yule! Christmas! Kwanzaa! Watch Night!

If you were at the service this past Sunday, you probably saw the Advent candles on our centering table. The practice of lighting Advent candles varies, though most light three purple candles, representing hope, love, and peace; and one pink candle representing love. Each Sunday in Advent an additional candle is lit. Some add a white candle in the center, which is lit on Christmas Day.

For some of us Advent is a season of anticipation, looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus. For others Advent is nothing special. When I found the Advent wreath frame in the worship supplies closet, I wondered about lighting the candles for our Fellowship. So we’re trying it out.

I’ve chosen Advent readings for candle lighting from my colleague, The Rev. David Breeden, who is the senior minister at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. FUS is a predominantly humanist congregation, and Rev. Breeden serves on the board of the UU Humanist Association. We will print the words for the readings in the orders of service beginning this coming Sunday.

Here’s last week’s reading, from Rev. Breeden:

The first candle of Advent reminds us to be patient.

In this holiday season,
May we find the patience
To forgive ourselves;
To forgive those who do not do as we wish;
May we find patience.
May we find the wisdom
To let be.

Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate, I hope you will come celebrate with us! Remember that in addition to our five Sunday services, we will also offer a Christmas Eve service on Dec. 24th at 5:30 p.m.

See you soon!

Rev. Lori Hlaban