To Be Continued: Twenty Years!

Dear Ones,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling like a child waiting for Christmas for the last couple months! And it’s nearly here!

I’m talking about our 20th Anniversary Founders’ Weekend, of course. Rev. Nan and I have been communicating about the worship service, some special guests will be here, some special music will be offered, and there will be fun and food aplenty!

I hope you’ve made your reservation for the Saturday evening dinner. We have RSVPs from 60 people! Be sure to check out the memorabilia displays, and enjoy the photo booth.

On Sunday be sure to attend the special service, with UUFB Minister Emerita Rev. Nan White preaching. Afterward there will be more food! Our fellowship hour will be more like a Sunday brunch, thanks to many volunteers.

Please do thank the many volunteers who’ve worked countless hours to ensure a good time for all who attend.

Twenty years is quite a milestone for a congregation. Many who were here at the beginning are no longer with us. Many more have walked through these doors and found a lifesaving message, transformation, a faith home. There’s been much laughter, lots of work, and many tears – and it’s all been worth it. As we celebrate, let’s look forward to what the next twenty years will bring!

Rev. Lori Hlaban