To Be Continued: Stewardship and Service

Dear Ones,

I continue to be amazed at how much happens here in the fall! The water ceremony, the Founders’ events, the auction – and that’s just the special events!

Many lay people work hard to present quality worship services when I’m not in the pulpit, offer religious education to children who show up, prepare refreshments for Sundays and other times, keep the property in good repair, bring people meals, or offer rides, facilitate small groups… the list goes on and on and on. These are all gifts of service, offered by volunteers, and appreciated by all.

As we enter into our annual stewardship campaign and gather in our cottage meetings, I ask that you think deeply about what UUFB means to you. Then, think carefully about what gifts you can bring to this Beloved Community. Your financial pledge is much appreciated – and – what else can you offer?

Are you able to help with Sunday refreshments – set up, preparation of food, clean up – once a month? Are you interested in working with the Fabulous Worship Team™ in presenting (or assisting with) worship services? Do you have a hobby or talent that could be shared in Fellowship Hour? Are you interested in leading a small group discussion – perhaps an in-depth discussion of the UUA’s Common Read for 2019-2020?
Do you have another idea? Let me know!

This Fellowship thrives with the sharing of our members’ and friends’ time and talents, as well as treasure. All your gifts are valued!

Rev. Lori Hlaban